Paca Verde (spanish for green bale)

Paca Verde is a mixture of rye grass and alfalfa. This great feed for those that do not want to feed strait alfalfa and still get the same benefits from without some of the negatives. The alfalfa provides a higher level of protein in a low dosage, while the rye ads good starch with lower amounts of protein. Most, but not all horses eat this feed without a problem. Steve Bales Sr. feeds his personal horses Paca Verde.

Alfalfa Summer Mix

For summer mix we have to trust in Mother Nature to do her part. During our humid monsoon mid to late summer months, Bermuda grass grows very well. Unfortunately, the monsoon season means summer storms like to blow through and can lower the feed quality. Another uncontrollable factor is the amount of Bermuda in the bale. We cannot plant the Bermuda into an alfalfa stand, nor can we plant alfalfa into a Bermuda stand. This means a very inconsistent grass and alfalfa mixed bales. Still great feed for all livestock. Limited supply, please call for availability.